Cool Savannah happenings: The Starland Circus (lots of photos)

There’s been a great vibe in Savannah this spring, in part because of the warm winter and hot spring, in part because of some new business investment, but mainly because of a DIY creative culture that seems more vibrant than in years.

People are just getting stuff done.

And that certainly holds true for Jon Taylor, an artist and SCAD student who organized The Starland Circus Friday night in conjunction with his The Clown Show at Desoto Row Gallery.

I first wrote about Jon in my column in Do when he mounted the fundraiser The Cat Show in 2011, and I included a preview of The Starland Circus in my column last week. Bill DeYoung did a great piece for Connect.

A lot of guests obviously had no idea what to expect at The Starland Circus, but knowing Jon, knowing the great space of the old Starland Dairy, and knowing the entertainment he had scheduled, I wasn’t surprised by the unpredictable, campy, and really warm atmosphere. None of the kids who showed up with their parents early in the evening seemed to be weirded out by the clowns, the masks, or the tricks.

The SCAD Circus Club entertained, there was cotton candy, many of the guests arrived in costume, Dame Darcy performed, there was a fashion show — probably the fastest one ever, anywhere — with apparel from The Clothing Warehouse, Anitra sang arias from Pagliacci.

After sunset, the scene shifted from the singing and the fashion show to a light show with dancing.

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