Savannah Urban Arts Festival enters 4th year with strong legacy

The Savannah Urban Arts Festival (SUAF) is coming up in a couple of weeks — I’m sure you’ll be reading plenty more about it.

Click here for the full line-up of events from April 15th to the 22nd.

Here I just wanted to share one particularly interesting paragraph from the press release (emphasis added):

“One other interesting thing to point out about this year’s festival is the impact SUAF has had in the creative community over the past four years. The new local public art organization SeeSAW, who are hosting two incredible events during the festival, was created after an attempt to do a public mural during last year’s event was rebuffed by the city. Vinyl Appreciation, a monthly event for DJs and record collectors that is celebrating its 2 year anniversary during SUAF 2012 initially started as a SUAF event, and now serves as the closing event of the festival. On the talent front, the local band KidSyc@Brandywine played their first show together two years ago at a SUAF event in the Civil Rights museum.”

That’s an amazing track record, given the success and the public prominence of those efforts — ones that got their first big boost through SUAF.