Hoots and Hellmouth – Live Wire Music Hall – 04/12/12

From Wagatail Productions:

Philadelphia-based Hoots & Hellmouth (MAD Dragon Records) creates new music for old souls. Their second full-length effort, “The Holy Open Secret” (street date: June 2, 2009), continues to blaze a trail forward in the name of progressive revival. Rob Berliner, Andrew Gray and Sean Hoots return as the core trio of string slingers and harmonious vocalizers, co-producing in collaboration with Bill Moriarity (Dr. Dog, Man Man) at Philadelphia’s American Diamond studio. The results speak for themselves in tones ranging from the triumphant to the dulcet.

Blending the twisted roots of American music in a fierce and fiery alchemy, this ragtag bunch seeks a revival of spirit. Soulful three-part harmonies comingle with acoustic guitars, a mandolin, an upright bass and foot stomps building a synergy that bursts from both stage and speaker with aural aplomb.

Kind of a funny TV appearance, but a great song: