Savannah Stopover less than a week away

Click here to read my column in Do in the Savannah Morning News about the March 7 Savannah Stopover opening night, featuring five bands, an exhibit of posters at the Jepson Center, and a party in Telfair Square.

In next Thursday’s Do, there will obviously be a lot more Stopover coverage. Click here for a slideshow at SavannahNow.

Connect Savannah has also geared up coverage of the Stopover (including here and an insert in the edition now on newsstands.)

I know lots of people excited about the four-day event.

And I’m also routinely chatting with people, even ones who claim to care passionately about live music, who don’t seem to know anything about it.

If they’re unaware of a well-covered and -publicized event like this one, where do these people ever get information about anything?

Savannah’s culture of apathy obviously presents all sorts of problems for ambitious cultural programming like the Savannah Stopover. More than in larger cities, Savannah is a one-on-one town, and I hope those who care about the live music scene will try to get their friends to support the festival in some way. Since most of our venues are relatively small, a few extra listeners can have a huge effect on the vibe at a show.

Anyway, in today’s column, I focus on Oberhofer, the band that will be headlining the opening night, and include a bit of my email correspondence with Brad Oberhofer (the band was in Europe when I needed to speak to him).

A few clips of Oberhofer, and their big pop sound:

The new single “HEART”:

And a few pics of Brad Oberhofer and his band from last year:

Brad Oberhofer and band did a really fun set at the Sunday VIP brunch for the inaugural Savannah Stopover