Backus redevelopment plan features unnamed “grocery anchor”

Click here to read my Tuesday City Talk column about the General Development Plan for the former Backus Cadillac property on Victory Drive at the Truman Parkway.

As I say at the end of column, I couldn’t get confirmation about specific prospective tenants, but S.J. Collins Enterprises is the owner. Check out the developer’s projects here, here, and here.

Click here to see the map of the proposed development.

Click here to read the MPC staff report on the Backus Cadillac redevelopment project.

Click here to see various maps regarding current and future land use.

Lots of pieces of the puzzle will need to fall into place if we are going to see any sort of significant development on the Backus site. And that will be true even if we end up with something other than a Whole Foods Market.

I sure hope that the MPC and future bodies that will look at the project will expeditiously move forward.