Idgy Dean – The Sentient Bean – 02/02/12

Idgy Dean:

Live Spaceman – Idgy Dean from Spaceman Sound on Vimeo.

From the event description:

Idgy Dean is the solo music project of New Yorker Lindsay Sanwald. Experimenting with accumulative sound, percussion and choral arrangement, Idgy Dean builds haunted rhythm-driven songs, recorded and produced alone at home and looped live on stage.

“Using her Kate Bush-y soprano for intricate vocal parts, and supporting it with all sorts of musical influences – ranging from garage rock to dream-pop and even post-rock – Brooklynite Idgy Dean (real name Lindsay Sanwald) creates poppy DIY music that’s original and hard to pinpoint. Her new EP Heart & Lung showcases a promising vulcanic creativity.” (The Deli Magazine – August 17, 2011)