“Going Home”, first single from Leonard Cohen’s upcoming album, now streaming at The New Yorker

The New Yorker is the first to post a streaming version of Leonard Cohen’s new single? That’s a story in itself.

Click here to listen to “Going Home”.

The lyrics are published as a poem in the current issue of the magazine.

I think fair use means that I should only publish a snippet here:

I love to speak with Leonard
He’s a sportsman and a shepherd
He’s a lazy bastard
Living in a suit

But he does say what I tell him
Even though it isn’t welcome
He will never have the freedom
To refuse

He will speak these words of wisdom
Like a sage, a man of vision
Though he knows he’s really nothing
But the brief elaboration of a tube

Click here to read the entire poem.

So what would we have to do to get Leonard Cohen to Savannah?

Old Ideas, his first album in almost 7 years, will be released on January 31st.

Update (HT to Jason): Here are a couple more tracks from the upcoming album, “Darkness” and “Show Me the Place”:

Leonard Cohen – Darkness by leonardcohen