Huntsman picks up endorsement of S.C.’s largest newspaper, but he’s apparently quitting race

From The State’s editorial today (Huntsman could bring us back together) endorsing Jon Huntsman in the South Carolina Republican primary:

There are actually two sensible, experienced grownups. And while Mr. Romney is far more appealing than any of the other choices, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is more principled, has a far more impressive resume and offers a significantly more important message.

Both men get tagged “moderate,” but for different reasons. Mr. Romney is a technocrat, a business leader who focuses on getting the job done. As governor, that meant governing in a way that suited Massachusetts. Today the job is winning the presidency, and if that means “evolving” in his views as the primary electorate swings further right, and running away from his signature accomplishment as governor, so be it.

Mr. Huntsman is a true conservative, with a record and platform of bold economic reform straight out of the free-market bible, but he’s a realist, whose goal is likewise to get things done.

Well, it appears Huntsman did not have high hopes for a significant bump in the wake of The State’s endorsement.

From USA Today moments ago: “Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, campaign officials say.” Other news sources are reporting the same.

I’ll append an update when there’s an official statement from the campaign.

UPDATE: Looks like Huntsman will endorse Romney. Smart timing if Huntsman is hoping for a great job (secretary of state, anyone?) in a possible Romney administration.