Savannah Stopover preview: Grimes and Born Gold

Yesterday, the Savannah Stopover announced on its Facebook page that the March festival, which kicked off last year to stellar reviews, will include Grimes and Born Gold.

The list of dozens of other acts will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Go to the Stopover website for updated info and to buy tickets.

Grimes’ March 9th Stopover date was also released by Pitchfork, which noted her signing to the 4AD record label.

Grimes — Claire Boucher, a Montreal-based electro-pop artist — will be releasing her new album Visions just before the Stopover and the rest of a tour with Born Gold.

Here’s what The Guardian said in part about Grimes last year:

This is outer-limits pop that answers the question, can you be simultaneously eerie and cute? It is music made by someone not allergic to ideas, in a tiny bedroom inhabited by a true artist with an imagination of considerable size and scope.

Here’s Grimes with “Vanessa”:

Grimes – Vanessa (Arbutus/Hippos and Tanks 2011) from Grimes69 on Vimeo.

Here’s Born Gold’s video for “Lawn Knives”:

Lawn Knives from Born Gold on Vimeo.

And lots more from Born Gold here: