Making a Weather Channel list of “cool” NYE spots — is that good?

The list-making continues.

Savannah is on the list of the Weather Channel’s list of 5 Cool Places to Spend New Year’s Eve.

The Visit Savannah press photo in the Savannah entry is from Jazz’d, I’m pretty sure, although there’s no credit given to the location.

Here’s how the description starts:

With average mild temperatures this time of year, this southern city is a great place to ring in the New Year. Historic beauty is met with modern attractions, making the city for fun singles and families.

Should that say “making the city fun for singles and families”?

Another clunky sentence:

The New Year’s Eve celebration starts with a gathering in City Market for the free annual outdoor festival with live music, children’s activities, and a fireworks display from Tybee Pier.

NYE is also referred to as Savannah’s “biggest party night of the year.” Um . . . what about, you know, that week in mid-March?

Bizarrely, we made the list with other Sin Cities: New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York City, and Walt Disney World.