As 2011 ends, a look at status of Georgia’s banking crisis

I’m assuming that there won’t be any bank failures on Friday, Dec. 30, which means we can look at the data for the year as a whole.

The FDIC shuttered 92 banks in the U.S. in 2011; 23 of those were in Georgia.

Since 2008, 414 banks have failed in the U.S.; 74 of those were in Georgia.

Here’s a series of screen shots from the FDIC website of all the bank failures in Georgia. If you go to the FDIC Failed Bank List, you can click through to much more information about the banks.

These columns include the failed bank, the location, the acquiring bank, and the date of the failure.

I’ll do similar screenshots of the lengthy Georgia section of the Unofficial Problem Bank List, which details public releases of regulator enforcement actions. My current guess would be that at least 35% of the banks on this list will fail (that’s far lower than I would have guessed a few months ago, but the pace of closures nationally seems to have slowed and given a lot of these banks breathing room). Note that there are no working links here; you’ll need to go to actual list (link just above) to get more information.

Here’s a graph of bank closures over the past four years from Calculated Risk: