Rick Perry files lawsuit against Virginia Board of Elections and state Republican chair to get on the primary ballot

Things are looking better for Mitt Romney by the day . . .

In the latest from the Republican circus primary, Texas Governor Rick Perry has filed a federal lawsuit to get onto the Virginia ballot, even though his campaign collected 3000 to 4000 less than the 10,000 petition signatures required and even though Perry is a champion of states’ rights.

You can read the entire lawsuit here, but I’ll append a few key passages here.

Page 1:

From Page 4, where the lawsuit admits that “over 6,000” valid signatures were submitted (the primary requires 10,000):

From the 7th and final page, where Perry asks for compensation for attorneys’ fees and “reasonable costs”:

There are some cases cited as precedent, but I’m guessing that individual political party primaries are not covered by those cases.