Georgia’s unemployment rate falls to 9.9%, but year-over-year job losses continue

The Georgia Department of Labor releases monthly unemployment data in phases, so we don’t yet know if the unemployment rate in the state fell because more people reported having jobs or because more Georgians simply gave up looking for work.

Even without that information, it’s nice to see the state’s unemployment rate below 10% for the first time in a long time:

Data on the unemployment rate come from a survey of households. Data on the number of jobs come from a survey of establishments — that’s where we continue to see dreadful numbers for the state.

The statewide year-over-year job losses moderated slightly in November:

The Savannah metro area has actually seen year-over-year job losses worsen over the last couple of months:

I’ll have more on this when the regional unemployment rates and the hard data from the household survey are released in a week or so.