Great early buzz for Dare Dukes’ second album, “Thugs and China Dolls”

Months ago, I posted about Dare Dukes’ successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the making of his upcoming album Thugs and China Dolls.

I love Dare’s sound — here’s “Meet You at the Bus”:
Meet You at the Bus by Dare Dukes

In his most recent update to Kickstarter supporters, Dare linked to The Hype Machine, a music blog aggregator that includes links to a dozen blogs that mention the upcoming that track and the upcoming album, which will be released on January 17th.

Insomnia Radio said:

‘Let’s be reckless, just the two of us’ is one of the reverberating lines from ‘Meet You at the Bus’ a hopeful tale of youthful escapism that follows two young lovers about to make a great leap out of their probable toxic enviroment to an unknown, yet promising destination. While the story unfolds, a slow-picked banjo cuts to the core, and a melancholic horn slowly swells offering a sense of hope for these two suffering escapists on their bus enabled road to salvation.

From middleclasswhitenoise:

Dare Dukes reminds me most of Loundon Wainwright III (particularly “The Swimming Song,”) with his distinct voice and, of course, the banjo-based folk pop. The song’s only really a touch ornate, with banjos and guitars doubled up for a thick sound and a few horns to lend some flavor.There’s a lot of easy comparisons to make when talking about the sound of the song, from The Avett Brothers to The Mountain Goats to They Might Be Giants. Apt as these comparisons are to the whole of a lot of “banjo pop,” Dare Dukes maintains a distinct sound mostly thanks to his wonderfully punctuating voice.

I think, after listening to it some ten times in a row, I can safely say that “Meet You at the Bus” is, in fact, a great song.

From Indie Rock Reviews:

Somewhere between They Might Be Giants off-kilter playfulness and The Decemberists americana romanticism lies the Dare Dukes brand new single “Meet You At The Bus”.