Betsy Cain’s show at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center closing on Dec. 4th

Just a heads up about the December 4th closing of Betsy Cain’s show “In Situ” at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center for the Arts here in Savannah.

I reviewed the show in a Savannah Morning News column in August. I wrote in part:

When I first heard that the Jepson was planning a show of Cain’s work, I was imagining a pretty large retrospective of her decades of impressive paintings. But the Varnedoe and Levitt galleries don’t offer enough space for a show of that scale.

Cain and the Telfair staff have turned that limitation into an advantage. “In Situ” features work from only the past couple of years, mostly completed in the artist’s new studio on Bonaventure Road.

Rather than a retrospective, the show feels like a mid-career snapshot of an artist whose work displays a mature brilliance even as it seems to be exploring new frontiers.

Orlando Montoya did a great profile that aired last week on Georgia Public Broadcasting: Abstract Painter Brushes Coast. From the text accompanying the online audio link:

The Jepson Center for the Arts is honoring one of the city’s most well-known and well-respected visual artists with an exhibit of her work.

Abstract painter Betsy Cain marked her third decade in Savannah, this year.

The new show focuses on Cain’s strong ties to the coastal city.

But her work isn’t exactly beaches, marshes and historic homes.

No, her work doesn’t sit like a still, serene landscape.

It swirls, bubbles, drips and taps.

There’s plenty more information on the Telfair website.

For lots more images, check out Betsy’s website.

If you’ve been putting off your trip to the Jepson to see “In Situ,” this is your final weekend.