Pics of Milagres and Peter Wolf Crier from last week’s great gig at Live Wire

Milagres played here during the Savannah Stopover, but I only caught a couple of their songs at the end of the gig. So I’m thrilled to have heard their full set last week — another in the Stopover’s monthly series — in a fairly early show at Live Wire Music Hall on River Street. It’s a rich and emotional sound.

And Peter Wolf Crier, which was entirely new to me, was awesome too. The trio is headlining the tour, but opened this gig since Milagres already had so many local fans. Polished, professional, cerebral — I could go on and on.

Live Wire Music Hall arguably has the best sound of any club in town, but the low ceilings present some problems for sight lines. And the generally dark and colorful lighting that bands seem to love so much is not the best for taking photos. And it’s pretty much impossible with the equipment I have to get decent pics of band members toward the back of the stage.

Here’s Milagres with “Here to Stay,” followed by other tunes:

And here’s Peter Wolf Crier, which sounded just like this live:

Here’s a CoolIris gallery of pics. I’d suggest clicking the icon to go full screen, and then you can use the directional arrows, click, drag, etc.

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