The schedule and selected trailers for the Savannah Film Festival

The full lineup for the Savannah Film Festival is now available via a PDF download at the Savannah Box Office website. If you’re looking for IMDB links to a lot of the films, check out a previous post here.

Some passes are still available for sale; individual tickets will go on sale on Monday, October 3rd.

I’m not going to repost the schedule here, but I have assembled some of the trailers of prominent films playing at the festival this year. I couldn’t find trailers for all the special screenings, and of course there are also lots of competition films — both shorts and features — that will be playing either the Lucas or Trustees too. If and when I find trailers for any of the competition features, or anything else, I’ll add them here.

Typically, early evening screenings will sell out, but most other screenings will not. Also, even if an early evening screening is technically sold out, there’s a pretty good bet that seats will be available at the last minute. That’s because it’s impossible for the organizers to know how many pass holders will turn up for each show. That almost always results in available seats for those who are willing to take a risk and turn up.

On to the trailers . . .

Opening night, Oct. 29th:
The Artist:

Oct. 30th:
Stanley Kubrick’s neglected classic Barry Lyndon:

The Son of No One:

Oct. 31st:

Nov. 1st:
(behind the scenes video, not a trailer)

We Need to Talk About Kevin:

And here’s the international trailer for We Need to Talk About Kevin with French subtitles:

Nov. 2nd:
The Late Show:

A Dangerous Method:

Nov. 3rd:
Born on the Fourth of July:


Nov. 4th:
Bringing Up Bobby:

Closing night, Nov. 5th:
Like Crazy: