Savannah the 8th best American city for foodies, says Travel and Leisure


I have my doubts on this one, but who argues against Travel and Leisure’s almost endless lists?

Their latest list covers America’s Best Cities for Foodies: “Travel + Leisure readers pick the best cities for foodies, where that next great meal can come from a celebrity chef or the back of a truck.”

Well, we have the celebrity covered.

In order:
1. New Orleans — no argument from me!
2. San Francisco
3. Providence — huh?
4. New York City
5. Chicago
6. Portland, Oregon
7. Seattle
8. Savannah
9. Charleston
10. San Antonio
11. Honolulu
12. Los Angeles
13. Denver
14. San Diego
15. Austin
16. Nashville
17. Kansas City
18. Washington DC
19. Minneapolis/St. Paul
20. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Here’s the Savannah blurb:

This Georgian city may be known for its coastal-themed fine dining, but AFC voters love it best for its small cafés—home-cooking “neighborhood diners” with a local-ingredients bent. One popular spot: the Green Truck Pub, which offers appetizers such as spiced Georgia nuts and a pimento cheese plate. Readers also find the city nicely unpretentious, with a relaxing vibe, good cocktails, and entertaining people-watching.

Kudos to the Green Truck Pub!

I know we’re a city in Georgia, but does that make us a Georgian city?