Call for bands, especially those wanting to play for free, for Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

[UPDATE, 8/23: For updated information on the payment policy for bands, go here.]

In a post recently about John Mellencamp’s overpriced tickets to play the Johnny Mercer, I asked how much live music is really worth.

Well, there’s an interesting answer today from Entertainment Solutions Inc., the company now accepting applications for bands for the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on November 5th: zilch.

I don’t mean this to sound too whiny about an event that is shaping up to be so great — no word yet on the headline band but the event seems likely to draw a staggering 23,000 entrants — but I’m a little stunned that the PDF call for bands contains the following:

There are some great bands based in Savannah, and I’m sure some of them would get a kick out of playing on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon stages. And I’m sure some of them will be willing to donate their time. And according to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon website, the company has raised $246 million for charities since 1998. But the series is for-profit, not nonprofit. I’m a little surprised that they’re not offering from the outset at least a nominal fee for bands, who will basically be giving up an entire day.