New video promotes Tybee’s uniqueness, eccentricity

There’s a new video from the Tybee Island Tourism Council promoting Tybee as a destination that’s relaxing, quirky, historical, a little wild — pretty much what I think of Tybee on its best days. Karl Strauch and Coastal Marketing Group were integral in producing the piece — Karl was also involved in creating the “My Savannah Is . . .” campaign a couple of years ago.

I wrote about Karl and that previous campaign here.

One friend pointed out that the newsy, fast-moving video might be a little heavy on Paula Deen, but she’s great here. And she’s the voice that tourists around the world will recognize.

Plus Paula has some great quotes, including: “I love low tide out at Tybee. And to be out there and to see the dolphins – it’s really such a spiritual place.”

Kurtis Schumm of the Tybee Island Social Club is among those interviewed. He delivers one the video’s money quotes as far as I’m concerned: “It’s a lot of really creative small businesses.” His partner Sarah Lanier compares Tybee nightlife to the bar scene in Star Wars. Indeed.

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  1. August 5, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Bill – many thanks for the shout out. It was a wonderful project to work on and a wonderful story to tell. On that note, you’ll notice the vid ran more than 5 minutes – typically an eternity on the web these days. That’s because the story was a great one and kept telling itself – a tremendous testament to the product, the people we interviewed and the great talent of Sherrie Breen at Modish and her production team. I can’t stress that enough. Thanks and Cheers…!

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