A tour of the Savannah riverfront — from the Savannah River

I went out on a friend’s boat on Saturday and obviously took along my camera.

We picked up the Savannah River near Elba Island and went all the way into Garden City. It’s a fascinating trip that reveals all the pressures on the riverfront — all the complementary and competing uses: tourism as evidence by hotels like the Marriott, Westin, Hyatt, and Bohemian; convention promotion at the trade center; the proposed expansion of the city into Savannah River Landing; the port itself; the LNG terminals, which shut down river traffic when tankers loaded with liquefied natural gas unload; the history of Fort Jackson and of River Street itself.

Can the river support all the dramatically increased stresses that will come with dredging, a Jasper port, increased freighter traffic (which will happen with or without dredging), the proposed cruise line(s), greater residential presence (Savannah River Landing), and more frequent LNG shipments?

To see the pics and read my commentary on some of them, I’d suggest clicking the full screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the attached gallery. Once you’ve clicked on an individual photo, the commentary will appear when you hover your mouse over the pic. If you don’t click, you’ll only see the brief caption if you hover over the pic. You can of course choose not to go full screen and just look at each pic here via dragging, grabbing, etc., or just use the slideshow function.

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