CSPAN videos explore Savannah history and literature, including Flannery O’Connor

CSPAN’s Local Content Vehicle (LCV) came to Savannah recently for a weekend of literary and historical pursuits.

I recently turned over the reins of the presidency of the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home and am proud of some of the press we’ve gotten for the Home, but I had nothing to do with CSPAN’s visit. Docent Toby Aldrich does an amazing job giving this guided tour:

I don’t even know right now exactly how many videos were shot in Savannah. I literally can’t find a comprehensive list online anywhere (anyone? anyone?), and not all the videos that I know were shot are turning up on YouTube.

Still, here are a few more. This is a great service that CSPAN has done.

Hugh Golson talking about Andrew Low:

Secession banners at the Georgia Historical Society:

Tour of Bob McAlister’s library:

Bonaventure Cemetery:

Original draft of the Constitution at the Georgia Historical Society:

Preservation in Savannah:

40 acres and a mule:


The Civil War era in Savannah, with Barry Sheehy, co-author of Savannah: Immortal City:

Civil War era, the harbor:

Civil War era, Jones Street:

Civil War era, Forsyth Park:

Interview with Jack Romanos, former president and CEO of Simon & Schuster (2002-2007)

Howard Wasdin talking about Seal Team Six: Memories of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper: