New video from Little Tybee takes viewers sailing

Little Tybee‘s mellow and beautiful song “I Wonder Which House the Fish Will Live In” is a couple of years old — it’s the title track from a 2009 EP. But the video below is brand new.

Little Tybee lead singer Brock Scott

I’ve mentioned Little Tybee a number of times on this blog. A couple of the members are from Savannah, and the talented musicians have taken their name from the large barrier island beyond Tybee (bigger than Tybee in fact).

Little Tybee of course played the inaugural Savannah Stopover back in March and was booked by the Stopover folks last month for the concert at the Jepson Center that was the finale for TEDxCreativeCoast.

Such an interesting choice to match footage from a casual sailing trip among friends to the reaching, wondering lyrics.