Timelapse photography reveals Savannah’s diverse beauty

I don’t know SCAD film major Nicholas Reichard, but I sure like how he sees Savannah. In this stunning timelapse photography, Reichard uses a couple of different cameras and a variety of lenses (you can see the technical specs here) to view Savannah’s public spaces and events.

The accompanying music — “Fly” by Ludovico Einaudi — adds a meditative quality to the 2 min. 46 second clip.

Reichard says that this is a “sample” of the project he’s working on, but it’s beautiful to see here.

There are a couple of the locales I’m fuzzy on, but I know that we’re seeing Wright Square, the intersection of Broughton and Barnard, Forsyth Park, the river, the beach, Drayton Street, the I-16 overpass, St. Patrick’s Day, SCAD’s Sidewalk Arts Festival, and Pulaski Square.

While a few of the scenes show bustling public places, many of the images reveal the slow and quiet city that many of us experience at different times of the day — and night.

Savannah Timelapse from Nicholas Reichard on Vimeo.