An update on box office for “The Conspirator”

A few weeks ago, when Robert Redford’s Savannah-made The Conspirator was released, I posted my own review as well as two roundups of other reviews (here and here).

After a promising limited release with a high per theater average, the film’s receipts have slowed a bit more than I hoped. According to Box Office Mojo, after four weeks the $25-million production has grossed about $9.8 million. In its second weekend, The Conspirator was showing in 849 theaters; that dropped to 460 theaters for its fourth week and a weekend gross of about $600,000.

Meanwhile, the film’s website continues to grow as a resource for those interested in Civil War-era history and in the film itself. Check out another Q&A with the filmmakers posted just last week on Robert Redford’s blog. That’s a good sign for those who help for more American films that pay more than lip service to historical fidelity.