Savannah Stopover quick take: Sonia Leigh and Young Buffalo

A storm and some travel delays didn’t dampen (at least not figuratively) the first night of the Savannah Stopover.

Young Buffalo and Sonia Leigh moved from Starland a block away to The Wormhole, one of the festival’s key venue. Lots of new faces at The Wormhole, btw, which could provide critical momentum for the club going forward.

I arrived about halfway through Young Buffalo’s set: great rock and roll from an obviously talented trio who should gain a wide following on the road.

Sonia Leigh and her stellar band were up next — soulful, sometimes bluesy rock with an edge of country ballads. The six members seemed incredibly cohesive and the mix was great. I didn’t realize until after they started that I had mentioned Leigh over a year ago in my column before a gig at Live Wire Music Hall — one of those quick previews I do without always being sure that I’ll get to the show.

Leigh’s artful, emotional songs are often about passion and longing — and she plays even in the sadder ones with an aggressive, confident, sexy style. Great artist, great band, great show.

Enjoy a few pictures:

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