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Should you be buying or renting in the Savannah real estate market?

Zillow has come up with the “breakeven horizon” for 257 metro areas. That’s the point at which purchasing a home is more economical than renting an equivalent property.

Zillow: Home prices up year over year, but about 30% of mortgages still underwater

Nationally, home prices are up compared to a year ago, according to Zillow, but that’s not the case for Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, and plenty of other cities.

What’s next for Savannah home prices?

Many of you have already seen my post about Zillow’s county-by-county graphic showing the percentage of underwater mortgages around the country. Here in Chatham County, 37% of home mortgages are underwater.

New data shows homes underwater, county by county

In Chatham County (Savannah), 37% of mortgages are underwater. Most counties in metro Atlanta top 50%.