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President Obama’s second inaugural address in a Wordle word cloud

I previously posted the full text. Here’s a Wordle word cloud of that text.

Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech in a word cloud

Another Wordle word cloud.

Obama vs. Romney in 3rd presidential debate: the last word cloud?

It’s interesting how many words were used more than “Iraq” and “war”.

Word Cloud of 2nd Presidential Debate

Another Wordle word cloud — this time from the 2nd presidential debate. This is created from the Washington Post transcript with words such as the following removed: President, Obama, Governor, Romney, Candy, Crowley, applause, crosstalk, Mr., etc.

Word Cloud from Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

I’ve removed names and a few other filler words, like “applause” and “crosstalk”.

Word cloud from 1st presidential debate between President Obama & Governor Romney

I’ve removed the following words: Mr., Obama, Romney, Governor, President, and Lehrer.

President Obama’s DNC nomination acceptance speech in a Wordle word cloud

I was pleased to see a speech so relatively heavy on policy.

Bill Clinton’s DNC speech in a Wordle word cloud

This is taken from the speech as prepared, not as delivered with so many improvisations.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech in a Wordle word cloud

The key words: Barack, like, and love.