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USA Today on free things to do in Savannah — a few hits, a few (big) misses

Interesting piece today in USA Today: Free things to do in 10 great cities I love that Savannah appears on such lists — and love that Charleston is nowhere to be found on this one. Curiously, Greenville, South Carolina made…

USA Today and its readers are the clear winners as newspaper splits with Gallup

It seems like Gallup’s leadership has not learned from its weak work in the 2012 election. Let’s hope USA Today will be more responsible in its election coverage from now on.

Home builders adjust as buyers reject sprawling suburbs

In the days of increased gas prices, long commutes on increasingly congested roads, more single person households, a new emphasis on sustainability, and a growing desire to live in places that are walkable and bikeable, homebuyers and renters are making different choices than they were a decade ago.