S.C. prepared to pick up full tab for Charleston port dredging

New editorial from the Charleston Post & Courier explores federal failings over the decades and the need for national strategies regarding dredging projects.

Savannah River deepening: Savannah Morning News coverage today is thorough

Click here to go to the news page that has multiple — and thorough — articles about yesterday’s authorization that the Savannah River channel be dredged to 47 feet, which is 5 feet deeper than it is now but a…

Savannah River dredging approved for 47′, not 48′: will one foot matter?

The AJC and Charleston Post & Courier headlines about today’s approval of Savannah River dredging focus on the one foot difference, which could reduce cargo by 800 containers per ship.

Savannah River dredging: final report released by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Here’s the entire press release this morning from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (with a couple of key issues in bold). I’ll have much more later. There’s sure to be much discussion about…

Charleston Post & Courier on “Savannah’s dredging gamble”

If you scroll through my recent posts, you can see links to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s 3-part series about the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP), a $650 million dredging that would make the Savannah River deeper to accommodate larger ships after the Panama Canal widening is complete.

Despite myriad doubts raised in that 3-part series about the economic benefits, the Savannah River’s depth after dredging, and the environmental impacts […]