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Savannah Music Festival: 2012 reviews, posts, and columns

I’ll be sharing a few final thoughts about the Savannah Music Festival and its economic and public relations impact in my City Talk column on Tuesday, but I wanted to go ahead and assemble links to most of my commentary…

New Savannah promotion video on YouTube features dozens of local celebrities

Local filmmaker Michael Jordan’s “You’ve Got to Come to Savannah” “You’ve Gotta Come to Savannah” won the Visit Savannah contest to create a YouTube promotional video. I like it. I especially like the way that Jordan includes so many small…

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra under Miguel Harth-Bedoya shines on final day of 2012 Savannah Music Festival

The last time I saw the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra was in 2010, in a performance with Lang Lang at the Savannah Music Festival. But that show was in the big soulless space of the Johnny Mercer Theater. The strange cocoon…

Emerson Quartet play Beethoven in latest NPR feature from the Savannah Music Festival

From Tom Huizenga’s latest post at NPR Music, Beethoven’s String Quartet of Transcendence: In the spring of 1825, when Beethoven was 54, he became terribly sick. He was in bed for a month and he wrote to his doctor, “I…

Zakir Hussain and his Masters of Percussion: an exhilarating SMF performance

Exhilarating. Theatrical. Dynamic. Awe-inspiring.
Those are just a few words that come to my mind as I try to describe last night’s Zakir Hussain’s Masters of Percussion in the Trustees Theater in a beautifully produced Savannah Music Festival show.

Savannah Music Festival performance by guitarist Milos Karadaglic on NPR

If you scroll through my recent posts, you’ll find several links to posts on NPR Music by Tom Huizenga. When the festival is over, I’ll try to put one pos […]

Daniel Hope spotlighted by NPR in today’s program from Savannah Music Festival

Today’s NPR Music post by Tom Huizenga about the 2012 Savannah Music Festival spotlights violinist Daniel Hope. Daniel Hope: A Renaissance Man In Savannah has high praise for the SMF Associate Artistic Director: Even in this age of marathon multitaskers,…

Tonight at the Savannah Music Festival: Zakir Hussain’s Masters of Percussion

When the Savannah Music Festival lineup was released months ago, I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale to a handful of shows, including one tonight: Zakir Hussain’s Masters of Percussion. I’ve seen Zakir Hussain play the tabla…

Another SMF chamber music performance on NPR

“In this program, Hope and his handpicked group of players begin with a musical memorial to Tchaikovsky and close with music by the master himself. When Tchaikovsky died in 1893 at age 53, he left more than a few young Russian composers devastated. “

NPR featuring classical from Savannah Music Festival all week

NPR’s music blog Deceptive Cadence will be featuring classical concerts all week from the ongoing Savannah Music Festival. Today’s post by Tom Huizenga — Takacs Quartet: A Slice Of Schubert And A Bartok Palindrome — begins this way: The Takács…

In praise of Savannah’s “Music March”

There was a time when it was routine — almost mandatory it seemed — for Savannahians to complain about “nothing going on.” Hard to make that argument anymore.

Savannah Music Festival review: Pink Martini

I can’t remember exactly when Bobby Zarem turned me on to Pink Martini, but it must have been four or five years ago when he was still living in New York but coming regularly back to Savannah, his hometown. I…

Listen to Pink Martini, playing the SMF tonight

Click here for my Man About Town column today at SavannahNow previewing tonight’s Savannah Music Festival appearance of Pink Martini. And a few clips:

Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt: a masterful Savannah Music Festival performance

Sometimes when I see legendary performers for the first time, I’m let down a little. They don’t seem to be bringing it all, they seem past their prime, they seem to be relying on their long histories to ensure their…