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What did final city manager vote tell us?

Mayor Edna Jackson has done a great job the last couple of weeks. She knew she didn’t need unanimity. And she probably knew she wasn’t going to get it. So there was no sense worrying about it or waiting on it.

Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson has asked City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney to resign

Moments ago, after Savannah City Council returned from a lengthy executive session, Mayor Edna Jackson stated publicly that on Tuesday she asked Savannah City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney to resign.

I’m unclear at the moment whether that resignation was actually tendered, and Mayor Jackson stated that no official actions could be taken at this specially called meeting today.

A new arena for Savannah — should we just throw in the towel?

There’s not a lot of vision down at City Hall right now.

What should Savannah expect from a City Manager?

If and when the Savannah city manager position comes open again, we should look for someone with a strong background in zoning and planning. We should also look for a city manager who has a history of facilitating the growth of a wide range of small businesses.

Savannah City Manager has created her own problems

After some investigative work by the Savannah Morning News’ Lesley Conn raised serious questions about his qualifications. Savannah’s emergency management director has been “terminated”, according to Mayor Edna Jackson moments ago at a special session of City Council.

How should Savannah City Council respond to growing controversy over City Manager’s travel spending?

Concrete steps that Savannah City Council can take.