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New York Daily News focuses on Savannah’s squares

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A really nice piece in the New York Daily News over the weekend: Hip to be Square: Its many little parks make historic Savannah the place to be From the reflection by Joe Dziemianowicz, who was recently in town with…

Savannah River Landing: How much should we care if developers don’t extend Oglethorpe plan?


I guess I should begin by saying that Savannah city officials and the public generally don’t have a whole lot of control over what happens next at Savannah River Landing, the large expanse of land at the west east end…

Savannah as a model for the nation: not 1733, but today

A Savannah ward over the Salt Lake City grid (the 10 acre blocks)  from Gwinnett to Bay laid over the typical mile-square grid.

This is a post by Kevin Klinkenberg, an experienced planner and owner of the New Urbanism Blog, where this piece will be cross-posted. Look for more of Kevin’s posts here at Savannah Unplugged in the near future. From Kevin Klinkenberg:…

Maximizing public access to public places as a guiding principle of city management


In my City Talk column today, The importance of maximizing access to public spaces, I try to connect the dots of recent columns — and others dating back many years. Casual readers might see my newspaper work as a series…

Tom Wilson talks to GPB’s Orlando Montoya about the Oglethorpe Plan


I missed this interview when it aired a couple of days ago, but I’m thrilled to link to it now. Tom Wilson did some great work as a planner with the Metropolitan Planning Commission and has been workign for the…

Savannah has something Atlanta wants: a real city center

Residents turned out in droves for Fashion's Night Out on Broughton Street

“The economy has changed, but the plan doesn’t need to,” said Sottile, referencing the city squares that Gen. James Oglethorpe laid out almost 300 years ago. “It survived the American Revolution, the Civil War and the 20th Century. And now it’s defining sustainability in the 21st Century.”

Savannah River Landing: will Oglethorpe plan be part of its future?

Savannah River Landing as an extension of  the Oglethorpe plan and street grid

Savannah River Landing was intended as extension of the Oglethorpe Plan of 1733, but recent news casts doubt that we’ll ever see the grid and squares replicated.

Sand Gnats stadium at Savannah River Landing idea continues to develop

Fort Wayne's Parkview Field being used for a wedding

I’ve posted before about the idea of a new Savannah Sand Gnats stadium on the riverfront at the Savannah River Landing site.

For those who have forgotten, Savannah River Landing was a massive, $800-million, mixed-use private development at the eastern end of River Street that attracted millions in city infrastructure spending before the whole plan collapsed after the recession hit.

Museum exhibit highlights 200th birthday of Manhattan’s street grid

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Could Manhattan have ended up being laid out with something other than its simple grid, which gives the New York City borough its distinctiveness? The answer is yes. Until the Commissioners’ Plan of 1811 was implemented over a period of…

The I-16 flyover removal and traffic flow

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In my City Talk column on Sunday, much of which was devoted to the new coffeeshop Foxy Loxy, I closed with a brief overview of how the removal of the I-16 flyover will actually improve traffic flow in the southwest…

The changing shape of Middle America: New Moshe Safdie-designed buildings in Kansas City, Bentonville

Kansas City's Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

I had quite a bit to say back in February 2006 about the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center, including this riff on the architecture: It may be a long time before we can clearly position Safdie’s building in the pantheon of…

Restoring the Oglethorpe Plan as much as possible: the arguments aren’t just historical

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Sometimes in arguing for the full restoration of the Oglethorpe Plan, Savannah preservationists get accused of various forms of nostalgia — of arguing for preservation for the sake of preservation, of ignoring contemporary needs.

But those accusations show a fundamental lack of understanding about the grid system established by General Oglethorpe when he founded the colony of Georgia in 1733.

Minimizing the delays caused by left turns — a key to improving traffic flow

A few days ago I posted about Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt’s thoughts about the ineffectiveness of warning signs on streets. Earlier this month in Slate, Vanderbilt wrote a fascinating piece about diverging diamond interchanges: Don’t Turn Left! A new kind…

SMN reports that I-16 flyover removal now on list for 2012 sales tax vote

I’ve previously written about proposed removal of the I-16 flyover in Savannah. The project would actually improve traffic flow (according to the Georgia Department of Transportation), add dozens of acres to the private tax rolls, and add hundreds of yards…