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Economist Nicholas Mangee, “A Moveable Feast” and photos of the Savannah Cotton Exchange interior

I have a huge amount of respect for the work being done by many of my colleagues at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Some of you have gotten at least a taste of Assistant Professor of Economics Nicholas Mangee‘s work via…

Nicholas Mangee: Fed is failing its dual mandate

Another great column from Armstrong economics professor Nicholas Mangee in the Savannah Morning News: Our economic times: Federal Reserve remains resistant on policy

Quantitative easing and the stock market

Calculated Risk has a succinct QE Timeline in this post. He also puts those dates into the following graph of the S&P 500. It speaks for itself.

Updated Fed economic predictions guarantee another round of quantitative easing (QE3)

Today’s economic projections after the latest round of Fed meetings are, in a word, dismal. They show continued growth and continued declines in unemployment — i.e., no recession — but with a growth so slow that millions of Americans will remain un- or underemployed. Many Americans already have a tenuous hold on their standing in the middle class; millions more will fall out of it if the Fed doesn’t do more.

The ongoing drag of housing on the U.S. economy

In his latest Savannah Morning News column, Nicholas Mangee gives a great overview of the continued drag of housing on the economy.

Armstrong economist Nicholas Mangee on the myth of expansionary austerity

When the deep recession hit and tax receipts plummeted, a steady chorus grew: “If we slash government spending, the private sector will explode with economic activity.”

The logic of that assumption was always pretty meager. How would widespread layoffs of teachers, public safety personnel, and road crews become an impetus for private sector activity?