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Kentucky.com (Lexington Herald-Leader) embraces Facebook commenting system to reduce anonymity and abuse

Newspapers have been struggling — mightily — for years about how to handle the problems presented by online comment sections. The Savannah Morning News, for which I have been a regular freelance columnist for almost 13 years, is no exception.…

WSJ editorial board member rants about how “the bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise”

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 10.20.33 AM

There’s been a lot of levity the last few days about Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Onion-like rant in the newspaper’s rather extraordinary “Death By Bicycle” video, embedded below. More on that in a second. I haven’t…

A thank you to readers of Connect Savannah

A sincere thank you to the readers of Connect Savannah for voting me best local columnist and best local blogger in the alt weekly’s annual Best of Savannah poll. I’ve been fortunate to win best local columnist for a number…

In dramatic retreat, New Orleans Times-Picayune now printing every day (more or less)

I wrote last year on this blog about the dramatic decision by Advance Publications to reduce print production of the New Orleans Times-Picayune to three days a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). I titled that post New Orleans Times-Picayune to…

Thank you, Lesley Conn

I had been contemplating writing something about Lesley Conn’s departure from the Savannah Morning News, but Lesley herself fittingly covered the news on her staff blog yesterday: Conn leaving the Savannah Morning News. In the post, Conn reflects briefly on…

A few thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath


Back in spring 1990, after a whirlwind weekend attending a friend’s wedding in Chicago and a cousin’s wedding outside New Orleans, I landed in Boston with just enough time to make it to the finish line of the Boston Marathon…

For newspapers, is the worst over?

A really provocative piece in today’s Washington Post (in the Style section of all places): For newspapers, a 2 percent decline is good news – The Washington Post. From that piece: Newspaper revenue fell just 2 percent last year compared…

Andrew Sullivan and The Dish part with Daily Beast, seek paying members for ad-free content

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Will gregarious online readers get used to the idea of tiny monthly payments to some of the sites they value most highly? I’m guessing that Sullivan has forged a big enough name and readership that this will work for him. I’m just not sure how long the coattails will be for smaller sites and blogs.

After two dramatic days, The Red & Black might once again have student editors with final say on content

Before most matters were resolved, publisher Harry Montevideo and reporter Joshua Buce with Grady Newsource were in a physical altercation. Video and image embedded.

More bad news for print journalism: New Orleans Times-Picayune lays off 202, including half its newsroom staff


In preparation for takeover by the Nola Media Group, layoffs for half the newsroom employees at the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

New Orleans Times-Picayune to cut print edition to 3 days per week, launches ugliest website ever

Today's NOLA homepage -- really?

Sad news for the newspaper world today, and especially sad news for residents of New Orleans.