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Don’t panic: Social Security and Medicare are far from broke, many long-term fixes available

When some politicians and organizations are calling for steep and immediate cuts to entitlement spending, it’s very difficult to tell sometimes whether they are making ideological or economic arguments. Do they really want a more libertarian society in which the…

Eliminating the deficit may be harder than you think

I’d encourage all readers who are closely following the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations to take a look at this great interactive feature at the Wall Street Journal today: Make Your Own Deficit-Reduction Plan

A few thoughts on Romney’s VP pick of Paul Ryan: Devils in the details of his economic plan

Ryan will likely fare fine in debates. He’s attractive and a good speaker (although he’s going to look a little too much like a long lost Romney son in campaign ads). His presence might inject into the campaign some real discussion about the federal budget and how to avoid the upcoming fiscal cliff — but the majority of voters will disagree with Ryan’s specific prescriptions. The more they hear, the less they’ll like.