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More thoughts on making connections to nurture a city (or, hey, I’ve got a blog)

Jake’s work here has included lots of networking efforts behind the scenes, but he has also written columns every two weeks for the Savannah Morning News and has overseen The Creative Coast’s excellent blog, which has included many guest posts.

The sum of these efforts has been to point out positive, sometimes progressive, sometimes unfamiliar developments to the broader community.

Savannah’s Creative Coast enters another transition as executive director departs

Jake Hodesh has accepted a position as Director of Mentoring of Cintrifuse in Cincinnati, Ohio. He starts the new position in February.

What is the Savannah sound?

In a post last week, Savannah Red asked, “What Is The Savannah Sound?”

Creativity, Squelchers, and Savannah’s future

“What distinguishes thriving cities from those that stagnate and decline is a group of people [Jane Jacobs] calls the “squelchers.” Squelchers, she explains, are those political, business, and civic leaders that divert human creative energy by posing roadblocks and saying “no” to new ideas.”