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Possible rail line from Savannah to Atlanta might get a tiny nudge forward

When talking about HSR, we’re usually focusing on moving people, not cargo. While there are express deliveries that might take advantage of HSR, most cargo can move on the slower lines just fine. HSR is largely about connecting people, ideas, and human capital, while minimizing time wasted on highway travel.

Renewed attention on prospects for High Speed Rail between Atlanta and Savannah

Despite the disparity in size of the two cities, the advantages of high speed rail travel are pretty obvious. Atlantans could get fast and reasonably inexpensive access to a major tourist destination, while Savannahians would have much easier access to one of the nation’s most important metro areas. The possibilities for business generally and for the creative economy specifically are tremendous. There would be massive benefits to the state’s economy.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed wants high speed rail to Savannah

I first spotted this at Peach Pundit, but here’s Maria Saporta in Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he’s staying — not joining Obama administration