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Considering the construction rebound

I’m feeling pretty upbeat about the U.S. economy these days. But we’ve heard upbeat before from commentators, right? Like in the first months of 2011, and then again in the first months of 2012. This year might really be different,…

Construction and government employment lagging recovery — nationally and here in Savannah

I’m not getting into the relative merits of having additional government employees, but it’s a simple fact that governments at all levels have added employees as the nation’s population has increased — and those increases have generally been affected hardly at all by recessions. But this time is different.

Housing: a choppy, inconsistent recovery

In my City Talk column today, I summarize some of the latest home sales data for the Savannah area. Single-family home sales were essentially flat compared to a year ago, but inventories are shrinking because of a decreased pace of…