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More on the employment recovery and the labor force participation rate

An earlier post noted a few details from today’s relatively solid employment situation summary from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Calculated Risk has obviously posted several updated graphs, which give a good, if very general, sense of just what’s been…

Calculated Risk with “a few comments on dumb policy”

Calculated Risk blogger Bill McBride is one of the clearest, most pragmatic voices out there in terms of analysis of the U.S. economy. He posted some typically concise and on-the-mark commentary on Sunday: A few comments on dumb policy McBride…

Calculated Risk: “this is the most optimistic I’ve been since the 90s”

Joe Weisenthal has a great interview with Bill McBride today at Business Insider: The Genius Who Invented Economics Blogging Reveals How He Got Everything Right And What’s Coming Next.

Bill McBride at Calculated Risk on the “fiscal cliff” — or “fiscal hillock” or “fiscal bluff”

“Given that the top marginal tax rate will increase – and that certain politicians can’t vote for any bill with a tax increase – the agreement will probably be voted on in January after the Bush tax cuts expire.”

Quantitative easing and the stock market

Calculated Risk has a succinct QE Timeline in this post. He also puts those dates into the following graph of the S&P 500. It speaks for itself.

Updated Fed economic predictions guarantee another round of quantitative easing (QE3)

Today’s economic projections after the latest round of Fed meetings are, in a word, dismal. They show continued growth and continued declines in unemployment — i.e., no recession — but with a growth so slow that millions of Americans will remain un- or underemployed. Many Americans already have a tenuous hold on their standing in the middle class; millions more will fall out of it if the Fed doesn’t do more.

CoreLogic HPI signals national home prices have bottomed

But Georgia home prices were still down 5.6% in April compared to a year ago.

Reading the trends in the data at Calculated Risk

I won the monthly contest for economic predictions on my favorite blog.

Home price declines: What’s the matter with Atlanta?

Atlanta home prices fell 17.7% from March 2011 to March 2012.

What’s next for Savannah home prices?

Many of you have already seen my post about Zillow’s county-by-county graphic showing the percentage of underwater mortgages around the country. Here in Chatham County, 37% of home mortgages are underwater.

A closer look at the declining labor force participation rate

The declining labor force participation rate is largely the result of well-documented long-term demographic trends that we’ve known about for decades.

GDP growth in 1st quarter restrained by government cuts

The economy grew at a 2.2% annual rate in the first quarter, according to the advance estimate that is subject to major revision. Cuts to military spending restrained growth while new residential investment added to it.

Unemployment by state: a story of many recoveries

Georgia’s unemployment rate fell to 9.0% in March, but that’s still really high. It’s going to be several years before the state recovers all the jobs lost during the recession. That number comes from a survey of households, but a…

Housing: a choppy, inconsistent recovery

In my City Talk column today, I summarize some of the latest home sales data for the Savannah area. Single-family home sales were essentially flat compared to a year ago, but inventories are shrinking because of a decreased pace of…