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A few more updates on the Savannah restaurant scene

I had previously noted that Cafe Florie was undergoing some changes, so last week’s announcement of the restaurant closing wasn’t too surprising. Here’s the post embedded from Facebook: Post by Cafe Florie. Dept. 7 East on Broughton Street (the Savannah…

NYT: Savannah’s Cafe Florie “suggests a new generation’s contribution to the future” of soul food

“While the restaurant may be a newcomer to the city’s stately Southern dining scene, its familial and culinary roots there run deep. It was founded by Theo Smith, 49, and his cousin, Latoya Rivers, 35, whose grandmother raised her children in Savannah before moving to Hartford in the 1960s along with two sons and a daughter-in-law to start a family restaurant, Rivers’ Soul Food, which they operated until 1990.”