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3 lessons from Beryl

1. Dangerous storms can form very close to the coast.
2. The National Hurricane Center was spot on in its forecasts.
3. Some Savannahians spend way too much time watching TV.

Beryl update: weakened storm begins U-turn

Now weakened Tropical Depression Beryl appears to be making its expected turn northward to be followed by a turn northeastward. It will bring a lot of rain to some areas.

Tropical Storm Beryl stronger, better organized as it nears coast

Beryl officially became a tropical storm in the last couple of hours, and it’s now a fairly impressive storm in satellite imagery.

Beryl likely to impact Georgia coast through Tuesday

Beryl is headed for landfall late Sunday or early Monday somewhere along the Georgia/Florida state line.

Beryl forecast unchanged, headed for Georgia/Florida coast on Sunday

The National Hurricane Center’s 8 p.m. update contained little new from previous updates all day. Beryl is still expected to hit the southeast coast somewhere near the Georgia/Florida border late Sunday night.