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American Aquarium’s new album “Burn.Flicker.Die”: a review

The Raleigh-based American Aquarium’s previous albums have captured the intense resentment of jilted lovers and the desperation of trying to find a place in the world, often with biting irony, but Burn.Flicker.Die. has an emotional depth and musical breadth that goes beyond the earlier work. And I love the earlier work: both Dances for the Lonely and Small Town Hymns have been in steady rotation at my house since they came out.

American Aquarium, photos from Saturday’s gig at The Jinx

The set included the title track to “Burn.Flicker.Die.” (which I’ll probably mistakenly call “Redheads and Adderall” routinely), “Cape Fear River”, and — brace yourself — “Savannah Almost Killed Me”, which I’m fully expecting to become one of those defining songs for a certain segment of the local scene.

American Aquarium – The Jinx – 06/23/12

Highly recommended gig by a hard-working and hard-living rock band from Raleigh.