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Watch young poet Andre Massey’s White House speech about the impact of Savannah’s Deep Center

“I am a poet, and I finally know where I fit in.” That’s how 14-year-old Savannahian Andre Massey, Jr. finished his speech today at the White House, where First Lady Michelle Obama honored Deep Center and 12 other 2015 National…

Richard Blanco’s inaugural poem: “One Today” (full text)

Richard Blanco may be the least known of the poets ever accorded the honor of delivering an inaugural poem.

Don’t forget: Sketchbook Show and Seersucker Live on Friday night

Two great events on MLK Boulevard in Savannah.

Richard Blanco chosen as poet for Obama’s second inauguration

From the NYT: “Like Mr. Obama, who chronicled his multicultural upbringing in a best-selling autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Mr. Blanco has been on a quest for personal identity through the written word. He said his affinity for Mr. Obama springs from his own feeling of straddling different worlds; he is Latino and gay (and worked as a civil engineer while pursuing poetry). His poems are laden with longing for the sights and smells of the land his parents left behind.”

New book by Savannah poet Patricia Lockwood gets raves in The New Yorker and Chicago Tribune

In addition to praising Balloon Pop Outlaw Black, The New Yorker says that Patricia Lockwood “is one of the few people who makes Twitter seem like it needed inventing.”

Savannah-based poet Patricia Lockwood lands on bestseller lists with “Balloon Pop Outlaw Black”

And things are going swimmingly, with the book at #29 on the poetry bestsellers as tracked by the Poetry Foundation.

Adrienne Rich: 1929-2012

From today’s Washington Post obituary for Adrienne Rich: Rich published more than a dozen volumes of poetry and five collections of nonfiction. She won a National Book Award for her collection of poems “Diving into the Wreck” in 1974. In…

Carlos Santana: “The people of Arizona, the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

I don’t know how much will be made of Carlos Santana’s political remarks at Turner Field as he received the Beacon of Change award at today’s Civil Rights Game in Atlanta, but there’s already an article in the AJC and…