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Watch OCEARCH tag Lydia, a 14.5′, 2,000 lb. great white shark off Jacksonville coast

I’ve posted several times about OCEARCH‘s tracking of great white sharks around the world — including along the East Coast of the U.S. One night, a 16.5 foot, 3,500 lb. great white named Mary Lee even turned up in the…

Mary Lee — a 16.5 foot, 3500 lb. great white shark — in surf off Jacksonville

OCEARCH’s remarkable story of two great white sharks off the East Coast of the United States continues. [UPDATED, 1/9.]

Zillow: Home prices up year over year, but about 30% of mortgages still underwater

Nationally, home prices are up compared to a year ago, according to Zillow, but that’s not the case for Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, and plenty of other cities.

New data shows homes underwater, county by county

In Chatham County (Savannah), 37% of mortgages are underwater. Most counties in metro Atlanta top 50%.