The great Dr. John, increasingly diverse audiences, a stellar WSJ review, and other notes as SMF hits halfway point


The Savannah Music Festival has hit is halfway point. What a great opening 9 days. I recap some of the spectacular opening weekend in my Unplugged column today in Do. In that piece, I mention the powerful performance last week…

WSJ reviewer: “This first rich taste of Savannah has left me craving more.”

From The First Sounds of Spring: “In flower for roughly three weeks from late March through early April, the Savannah Music Festival, now in its 24th season, is pretty much the earliest warm-weather music festival in the country. Depending on your personal tastes, you can fill your plate with superb classical concerts, jazz and a panoply of indigenous regional and world music, in performance venues that include historic churches and restored movie palaces.”

Live Wire Sounds presents “4 Nights at Dub’s”


Live Wire Sounds and Love Music are presenting three bands at Dub’s Pub in the next four nights: Mama’s Love, Spiritual Rez, and Ultraviolet Hippopotamus.

The housing bubble: who knew what when?

There’s a really interesting post by James Hamilton at Econbrowser that explores a central question of the housing bust: did those who were primarily responsible for making bad loans realize that they were making bad loans? In other words, did…

Thoughts on starting a YouTube channel . . .


I upgraded my camera a few months ago to the Nikon D7000. There wasn’t any dramatic expense involved, about $800 for the body. I’ve been shooting with a Nikon for several years and had already accumulated a number of pretty…

Willy Gantrim – The Sentient Bean – 03/28/13

A great sounding blues country singer from NYC. See more at The Sentient Bean. Well worth a listen: Willy Gantrim And The Phantoms Live On WNYU by Willy Gantrim And The Phantoms

UV Hippo – Dub’s Pub – 04/01/13

Spiritual Rez – Dub’s Pub – 03/30/13

Mama’s Love – Dub’s Pub – 03/29/13

Happy 88th Birthday, Flannery O’Connor


When an author has died young, it’s pretty typical to hear readers bemoan the loss of all that work that never had the chance to be created. But I don’t often hear readers of Flannery O’Connor talk about what she…

Jane Monheit and Jennifer Sheehan at the Savannah Music Festival — a short review


The Savannah Music Festival has become known for its only-in-Savannah double bills. The pairing of cabaret star Jennifer Sheehan and jazz vocalist Jane Monheit is a perfect example. The show plays twice more on Tuesday, March 26 at the Morris…

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company makes powerful Savannah debut


Play and Play: An Evening of Movement and Music” by the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company thrilled the audience last night in the lush, gorgeous Lucas Theatre. Even with two weeks left for the Savannah Music Festival, it’s safe…