Cops masquerade as music lovers online to shut down DIY house shows in Boston

From an incredibly entertaining piece at Slate, Boston police catfishing indie rockers: Cops pose as punks on the Internet: A recently passed nuisance control ordinance has spurred a citywide crackdown on house shows—concerts played in private homes, rather than in…

David Stockman and “Sundown in America”: is he right?

Human beings have often grabbed onto the idea that we’re living in exceptional times, that we’re living on the verge of the end of the world. I think that apocalyptic impulse has risen with the economic frights of the last few years.

And I agree with Stockman on some of his points, including that the stock market is being propped up by Fed policy. But I don’t see any sign of the economy unraveling as Stockman seems to believe so fervently.

SMF’s Swing Central Jazz with music under the oaks in Reynolds Square


It was great to see the youthful talent and energy on display, not to mention the obvious diversity that jazz attracts. A lot of kids are forming great memories of Savannah through Swing Central Jazz.

City brings Savannah Development and Renewal Authority back after controversies

A word of caution, however. While I know and respect about half the 15 board members selected so far, it seems odd that the entire list, I believe, is made up of men. On its face, that seems like a rather serious issue.

Mark your calendars for Muse Arts Warehouse fundraiser on April 8th

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 7.31.40 PM

JinHi Soucy Rand founded Muse Arts Warehouse just over three years ago, and in that short span the venue has proven indispensable to the Savannah arts community.

Besides Daniel – The Sentient Bean – 04/16/13

Daniel Brewer of Besides Daniel at The Sentient Bean in 2012

Besides Daniel is the project of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Daniel Brewer. If first heard Brewer perform at house show a number of years ago with members of General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers. I’ve followed him ever since. Brewer’s work is unabashedly…

The Wailers light up Trustees in a sold out Savannah Music Festival concert


Why don’t we get more reggae in Savannah? It took a couple of songs for the Wailers to hit their stride last night before a packed crowd at Trustees Theater, but the band soon had the entire audience standing, swaying,…

Swing Central and Wycliffe Gordon with jazz in Reynolds Square


I’ll post a lot more photos in a few days, but here are three quick shots of jazz in Reynolds Square this afternoon. It’s the final day of the Savannah Music Festival’s major education initiative Swing Central. The finale kicked…

79,238 wristbands for St. Patrick’s Day festival in Savannah: how should we judge the number?

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 1.06.47 PM

For a variety of reasons, I oppose the sale of $5 wristbands to allow wearers to drink in certain parts of downtown Savannah during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. My main objection is that charging to do something that is…

Savannah Music Fest makes another foray into indie rock with Sea Wolf at Ships of the Sea


Somewhere near the middle of Sea Wolf‘s accomplished set last night in the Ships of the Sea Museum’s lovely and versatile North Garden, Sea Wolf’s front man Alex Brown Church noted the fitting connection between the band’s name and the…

The great Dr. John, increasingly diverse audiences, a stellar WSJ review, and other notes as SMF hits halfway point


The Savannah Music Festival has hit is halfway point. What a great opening 9 days. I recap some of the spectacular opening weekend in my Unplugged column today in Do. In that piece, I mention the powerful performance last week…

WSJ reviewer: “This first rich taste of Savannah has left me craving more.”

From The First Sounds of Spring: “In flower for roughly three weeks from late March through early April, the Savannah Music Festival, now in its 24th season, is pretty much the earliest warm-weather music festival in the country. Depending on your personal tastes, you can fill your plate with superb classical concerts, jazz and a panoply of indigenous regional and world music, in performance venues that include historic churches and restored movie palaces.”