The Collective Face’s 2013-2014 season kicks off with “Equus”

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It’s hard to believe that Peter Shaffer’s Equus was written 40 years ago. The text still has tremendous power and immediacy. Daniel Radcliffe broke from his Harry Potter roots and starred in the highly praised revival that hit Broadway in…

A generation from now, will enough buyers want homes in America’s suburbs?

Americans are driving less — a trend that started in 2005, before the recession. We’re increasingly seeing young American adults opt for living in places that provide a variety of transportation options, especially cities with significant infrastructure for bicycling and walking.

So what happens over the next decade or two, as aging suburbanites need to sell their homes? Will younger middle-class and upper middle-class Americans buy those homes in the numbers that will be necessary?

Dreaming of a streetcar network in Savannah

Possible streetcar spurs in Savannah -- a purely speculative map

I was thrilled to see today that Chatham Area Transit has applied for a federal grant to expand the area currently covered by the streetcar on River Street. And I was thrilled to find out that there is considerable enthusiasm…

The need for a new arena in Savannah and the next SPLOST vote


Back in 2006, the last time Chatham County voted on a new round of SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax), the referendum was approved rather handily by a vote of about 60-40. Of course, that was also a specially…

Modern English, Ponderosa, Yip Deceiver, Widowspeak in new Savannah summer concert series

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Thanks to MusicFile Productions, Modern English will be playing a show on August 28th at Dollhouse here in Savannah. For those of us of a certain age, that merits a wow. Modern English’s “I Melt with You” was a nightclub…

The question no one is asking about cruise ships in Savannah


Next week we’ll get to take a look at a study about the viability of potential sites for a cruise ship terminal in Savannah. The study has been completed by BEA Architects, which designs such facilities, so of course the…

Roadkill Ghost Choir / T. Hardy Morris – The Jinx – 08/17/13

Confirmed: Free People coming to Broughton Street

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A couple of weeks ago in one of my Sunday City Talk columns, I mentioned that Free People was likely to open a store on Broughton Street here in Savannah. I did not have any confirmation of that at the…

New Orleans’ St. Charles Avenue — a perfect street design for changing times


I was in New Orleans for a few days last week and traveled routinely on St. Charles Avenue. Cursory web searches didn’t turn up the date that St. Charles was first laid out, but it’s obviously a key connector that…

Savannah Whole Foods now accepting applications

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I think the opening of Savannah’s Whole Foods Market later this summer is going to be a major milestone for the city. Savannah’s food culture has developed in positive ways in recent years, with larger numbers of residents investing in…

First impression: Facebook’s new graph search looks like a flop

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Maybe I should begin by saying that I’m trying out Facebook’s new graph search using my old Mac laptop, OS 10.5.8, with Safari 5.0.6. Maybe the age of those systems is contributing to the new search system’s abject failures here…

The Wild — folk punk band from Atlanta — hits the road promoting stirring new album


The Wild starts a long summer tour today in Cincinnati that will take them from coast to coast supporting their stirring new album Dreams Are Maps. I’ve been following The Wild’s energetic, passionate music for about a year and a…