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Tom Vanderbilt on NPR this morning: Americans should be walking more

I’ve already posted links, comments, and excerpts for Tom Vanderbilt’s 4-part series at Slate about the state of walking and pedestrianism in America. This morning he talked to NPR’s Morning Edition about these issues — and made a compelling case…

Tom Vanderbilt in “Slate”: “How America can start walking again”

I’ve already posted a few Savannah-centric comments about as well as links to Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt’s 4-part series in Slate about walking in America. My posts are here, here, and here. Why do Americans walk less than most other…

Tom Vanderbilt on pedestrian habits in part 2 of “Slate” series

From Tom Vanderbilt’s Sidewalk Science; The peculiar habits of the pedestrian, explained:

[William “Holly”] Whyte, in his films of New York City street life, identified the street corner as an important factor in urban dynamics. Here was a zone of serendipity where people encountered one another beneath the blinking walk man, where they paused to chat before parting, where they formed small convivial islands just as pedestrian flow was surging most strongly.

Tom Vanderbilt, author of “Traffic”, on “The Crisis in American Walking”

Slate is in the midst of publishing a four-part series by Tom Vanderbilt, author of the acclaimed book Traffic, about pedestrianism — or just plain old walking — in America.

Vanderbilt’s opening from part one — The Crisis in American Walking; How we got off the pedestrian path — might be especially interesting to readers here in Savannah [. . .]

“Traffic” author Tom Vanderbilt on those dangerous “Children at Play” signs

I write a lot about the interactions of pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, and various other modes of transportation here in Savannah. Earlier today, in preparation for my Tuesday column, I rode my bike to take pictures of surface parking lots on…

Walk Score: Slate series on pedestrian issues weighs validity of widely used metric

Tom Vanderbilt, in the 3rd part of his excellent 4-part series on pedestrianism and walking in America, focuses on Walk Score, “the company that tracks the “walkability” of locations around the world.”

Minimizing the delays caused by left turns — a key to improving traffic flow

A few days ago I posted about Traffic author Tom Vanderbilt’s thoughts about the ineffectiveness of warning signs on streets. Earlier this month in Slate, Vanderbilt wrote a fascinating piece about diverging diamond interchanges: Don’t Turn Left! A new kind…

Do I have clout? or just Klout?

It was just last week that my friend Jason told me about Klout, a website that tracks online influence and comes up with a “Klout score”: “The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range…