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Just $1.28 million in Obama budget for Savannah port dredging

I haven’t been posting much to the statewide political blog Peach Pundit over the last few weeks. But I have a new post up right now: Despite significant infrastructure spending in Obama’s proposed budget, only a pittance for Savannah port…

Latest on Savannah River dredging: Corps of Engineers sent letters to Biden, Boehner, others in attempt to bypass S.C. objections

By going directly to key members of Congress, the Corps has potentially opened a can of worms. Not only will groups like the Southern Environmental Law Center know whom to lobby, but members of Congress would seem likely to engage directly — and behind the scenes — with the South Carolina delegation before pushing for strong action.

S.C. Supreme Court revokes key environmental permit for Savannah River dredging

OK, folks, this is yet another small drama interrupting the timeline that’s likely to end with eventual completion of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, a $652 million plan to dredge the Savannah River from 42 to 47 feet to accommodate…

South Carolina Ports Authority head talks about Savannah River dredging and proposed Jasper port

Check out this interesting interview in the Aiken Standard with South Carolina State Ports Authority head Jim Newsome: S.C. Ports Authority’s Newsome reflects on three years as CEO and the path ahead.

New study skirts primary issues regarding East Coast port dredging

Which ports on the East Coast or in the Gulf would it be most cost-effective to deepen in anticipation of larger ships coming through the Panama Canal in 2014? What’s the best way to fund those dredging projects?

Will Georgia taxpayers have to pay entire $650 million for dredging?

I don’t know whether Georgia politicians are feeling the pressure from South Carolina’s growing resolve regarding funding or whether there are simply growing concerns about the federal funding process, but yesterday’s press conference with Governor Deal could be the first step in asking state taxpayers to fund the entire $652 million dredging of the Savannah River.

S.C. prepared to pick up full tab for Charleston port dredging

New editorial from the Charleston Post & Courier explores federal failings over the decades and the need for national strategies regarding dredging projects.

Savannah River dredging approved for 47′, not 48′: will one foot matter?

The AJC and Charleston Post & Courier headlines about today’s approval of Savannah River dredging focus on the one foot difference, which could reduce cargo by 800 containers per ship.

Savannah River dredging: final report released by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Here’s the entire press release this morning from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (with a couple of key issues in bold). I’ll have much more later. There’s sure to be much discussion about…

Charleston Post & Courier on “Savannah’s dredging gamble”

If you scroll through my recent posts, you can see links to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s 3-part series about the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP), a $650 million dredging that would make the Savannah River deeper to accommodate larger ships after the Panama Canal widening is complete.

Despite myriad doubts raised in that 3-part series about the economic benefits, the Savannah River’s depth after dredging, and the environmental impacts […]

AJC’s “Port Wars”: final installment considers battle for dredging dollars among East Coast ports

The final installment of Dan Chapman’s 3-part, over 6,000-word look at the proposed dredging of the Savannah River channel begins like this: “Critics say a national strategy should govern the deepening of ports.” For all the study of the proposed…

AJC’s “Port Wars”: part two looks at dredging depth, navigation, cost, and environmental impacts

The first subhead says a lot: “Deepened Georgia port will still be shallower than many of its rivals.”

AJC investigative series to look at Savannah Harbor dredging claims

The AJC announced today that the paper will publish a three-part series next week looking at claims regarding the long-proposed, much-studied, and much-debated Savannah Harbor Expansion Project. I have written a lot on the subject, and was one of the…

A few thoughts and links regarding today’s column about dredging and jobs

Click here to read my City Talk column in the Savannah Morning News> about Savannah River dredging, jobs, and the environment. Two weeks ago, AJC PolitiFact examined Governor Deal’s claims that dredging would create jobs in the state: We found…