Either way, who would wear this dress?

Yes, a post about the dress. If you’re irritated by it, don’t click on it.

But I’m bored today, and I was curious just how easy it would be to manipulate “the dress” into either white/gold or blue/black.

It took less than a minute of playing with the image in Adobe Lightroom to produce the images below.

I guess at this point everyone knows that the dress is blue and black. And probably everyone has read an analysis like this one from Wired, which notes the way this image plays upon a “perceptual boundary”.

I haven’t followed the social media mania closely enough to know whether the original image was taken with a device that automatically “corrected” it for the lighting conditions or whether the original image was put through some kind of a filter, but it took no time at all in Lightroom to discover that playing with the Blues, Blacks, Whites, and Saturation could produce wildly different results.

By the way, when I first saw the original pic, I certainly didn’t see any white — I assumed it was an especially ugly dress with pale purple and sort of a muddy brownish gold.

The original:


Lightroom settings changed, and it’s white and gold:

Mainly, I added saturation, upped the whites, and removed blues.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.26.18 PM


Lightroom settings changed, and it’s black and blue:

Obviously, I mainly adjusted the blacks and blues, but I also pulled a little light out of the image and cooled it off. And this is pretty close to the real thing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.28.21 PM